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Designed by Simone Micheli.

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We no longer march in a straight line. Our lives are dynamic, intertwining collections of relationships, experiences and journeys. Reflecting the fluidity of our generation, designer Simone Micheli has created a new, contemporary light for Terzani Doodle. Like us, each Doodle is unique each pendant is handcrafted by artisans to resemble a randomised path. And, to give us control over the journey we want to take, each led bulb can be placed anywhere on the light, not only reflecting the choices we make in life, but giving Doodle a special flexibility.

Der angegebene Preis bezieht sich auf eine Pendelleuchte Ø 30cm in Nickel Schwarz-Amethyst, mit einem Strahler. Es gibt mehrere Größen und Farben, bitte anfragen.